Do you struggle with…

Negative thoughts about your body, not feeling good enough, standing up for yourself, your weight and comparing yourself to others…

Do you often have a hard time… 

Getting into a healthy lifestyle, saying no to others, maintaining healthy habits, looking at yourself in the mirror and still feeling shitty inside about the way you look…

Do you want to…

Walk out that door 3 months from now feeling confident, sexy and beautiful just the way you are?

Are you ready to change your life?

I know how lost and hard life can be, putting your health and well-being as a priority and building healthy habits into your life. After loosing my Dad aged 21, several heart aches, pursuing careers in Dance and TV, I have found myself many times feeling defeated, broken down and loosing my sense of self worth. My twenties were a steep decade of learning and constant searching to understand how to find inner confidence and happiness. 

After much trial and error I discovered many tools and practices that have helped me become stronger and happier in who I am. The biggest was looking after my mind and body through living a healthy lifestyle. 

Everything I learn’t, I’ve put into a 3 month course: “Confidence 101” A course that consists of 9 Modules which include videos, audios, documents and exercises, tools and tricks to help you on your journey. Each module carries a specific topic related to help you improve your health, well-being and confidence.

If you’ve been struggling, I am here for you. Check out the course below, what each module covers and which pricing option works best for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out Can’t wait to have you on board and see you on the programme!

Confidence 101

Course Curriculum

  • 02
    Module 1 - Visualising your Future
    Show Content
    • Opening Lesson
    • Module 1 - Visualise Your Future
    • Resources
    • What did you learn about yourself?
  • 03
    Module 2 - Releasing your Inner Negative Monkeys and Building a Strong Mind
    Show Content
    • Opening Lesson
    • Understand Your Naughty Negative Monkeys
    • Activities to Build a Strong Mind
    • How-to release your inner naughty monkeys
    • What did you learn?
  • 04
    Module 3 - Eating for Energy
    Show Content
    • Opening Lesson
    • Eat For Energy
    • Manufactured foods vs whole foods..
    • Salad step by step formula idea...
    • Mindful Eating Exercise
    • What did you learn?
  • 05
    Module 4 - Exercising for Fun
    Show Content
    • Opening Lesson
    • Exercise For Fun...
    • Audio for Exercise for Fun
    • Exercise Tips & 21 Day Challenges...
    • Motivation to get you active
    • What did you learn?
  • 06
    Module 5 - Relaxing and Unwinding
    Show Content
    • Opening Lesson
    • Understand the nervous system...
    • Module 5 - Relax and Unwind
    • Self care practices and brainstorm exercise...
    • Mindfulness Body Scan Exercise
    • Mindfulness Breathing Exercise
    • What did you learn?
  • 07
    Module 6 - Morning and Night Time Routines
    Show Content
    • Opening Lesson
    • What are your rocks, pebbles & sand?
    • Create your night time routine
    • Create your ultimate perfect morning routine
    • What did you learn?
  • 08
    Module 7 - De-Cluttering
    Show Content
    • Opening Lesson
    • De-Clutter Your Spaces
    • Audio: De-Clutter Your Spaces
    • What did you learn?
  • 09
    Module 8 - Creating Healthy Boundaries
    Show Content
    • Opening Lesson
    • Creating Healthy Boundaries
    • Audio: Creating Healthy Boundaries
    • How to say no...
    • How to not worry about what people think of you
    • Audio: How to not worry about what people think of you
    • How to let go of negative opinions and bring in compliments
    • How to stand up for yourself
    • Four Habit Character Types
    • Audio: Four Habit Character Types
    • What did you learn?
  • 10
    Module 9 - Owning Your Confidence
    Show Content
    • Opening Lesson
    • Owning your confidence
    • How to feel confident in social situations
    • Pep talk for public speaking
    • Dress to feel amazing - body shapes and colours
    • Discover your body shape
    • How to strike a pose for the camera...
    • What did you learn?
  • 11
    Next steps
    Show Content
    • Congratulations...
    • More resources for you...
    • Before you go...

Pricing options

Choose which pricing and course option works for you. You can either complete the course solo or do the course with 9 private 1 hour one to one coaching calls with Rachel. There are two payment options with each, either to pay in full or in 3 monthly instalments. When making your purchase you'll have access to the course straight away. If you have bought coaching with Rachel, she will be in touch to start your first coaching call together.


“Rachel is an incredibly strong woman and she shares that power with so much love, passion and understanding. I am a singer who has struggled with self belief and self confidence. Rachel has helped me build my confidence and be grateful for who I am and the talents I can share when I perform as well as being happier in day to day life. She has inspired me to always work harder, to love myself and to find a way to match her boundless energy! Rachel’s positivity and honesty has encouraged me to be a free spirit so I can have as much fun, success and sheer joy as she has! If you are looking for someone inspire you to live your life to the fullest even in the darkest times, this is the woman you need to coach you!”


Amy Owen

“Since working with Rachel I have discovered how to achieve compassionate results with myself, my work, and my life. She has held me accountable, kept me focused, and inspired me along the journey of getting the results I wanted. I continue to work with Rachel because of her gift for goal setting and achieving. Her positive attitude is infectious and her bubbly personality makes her a delight to work with. If you want results then you want to work with Rachel! I would highly recommend her as a Coach to anyone who is looking to succeed!”

Film Writer


“My life is often ruled by various lists of deadlines, endless to-dos and ‘friendly reminders’. The way I tackle these has never been efficient nor satisfying, and always hampering the things I want to do for myself. These days, a friendly reminder which I welcome with open arms is the voice of Rachel. With her can-do attitude, no-excuses resolve and energy to spur on a sleeping Buddha statue she made me realise that everything is interlinked and that health and happiness come hand in hand with organising your life and looking after your body and mind. These days, with her regular and lively communications from hills or mid-chore, I find I have more time to focus on me after time efficient and energetic management of my life admin.”

Medical Physicist


“I feel so much better about myself after coming to see Rachel. I can see a future now. The course has opened my eyes and made me realise it’s down to me, only I can change it but I’ve got the tools now. I’ve got the information I need now to build myself up. Rachel makes me feel better whenever I speak to her, she’s got that personality. She’s passionate and knows what it is that people need to become something better themselves.”